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Barbel - Assistance required

Are you able to help with the following project?

"A speculative email about locating suitable sites for a research project at Loughborough University. Myself and colleagues (Andrew Pledger and Stephen Rice) are looking for Barbel hotspots in the Trent catchment on gravel beds (not silt) to investigate the effect that fish feeding events have on river beds (i.e. when they feed do they disturb the gravels in the bottom of the river bed). The work is non-invasive and essentially involves installation of a number of washers at a number of riffle sites over a 48 hour period. The time spent to install and collect the washers with most likely just over 2 hours maximum meaning that angler disruption will be minimal.

Are you aware of any suitable wadable sites in your stretches be able to point me in the direction of anyone who may be help at all? Your help would be greatly appreciated".

Many thanks in advance.


If you feel able to assist please contact Kateon the following email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Found - On River Dove at Hatton

Preston innovations swivel leg for a chair/setbox -  If you have lost this please contact  Ade Garside on 07768 700764 to arrange  to collect it.

Thanks go out to Ade for trying to help with the safe return.



Catton Hall - River Trent - NO NIGHT FISHING

We have been advised that the land owner for Catton Hall is not prepared to allow fishing at night or into darkness.

Members will be required to be leaving the estate a maximum of ONE HOUR AFTER SUNSET equally members cannot enter the estate earlier than ONE HOUR PRIOR TO SUNSET.

We will be erecting signs to this effect as soon as we can.

In the meantime, please comply with this ruling from immediate effect.

This ruling does NOT apply for other BMAA stretches of the River Trent.


Waters Booked list - 2017/18

Waters Booked List For Season 2017 - 2018

Sunday 2nd July Trent Willington

Sunday 2nd July Trent Cuttlebrook

Sunday 9th July Trent Golf Course

Thursday 20th July Manor Park Boat Side

Sunday 23rd July Trent Golf Course

Sunday 13th August Kingstanding Top 10 Pegs

Sunday 20th August Trent Cuttlebrook

Sunday 27th August Canal Millhouse

Sunday 27th August Trent Golf Course

Sunday 27th August Manor Park Sailing Club End

Saturday 2nd September Trent Cuttlebrook

Saturday 16th September Trent Golf Course

Sunday 17th September Canal MIllhouse

Sunday 24th September Manor Park Bowling Green Side

Sunday 24th September Caldwell

Sunday 24th September Trent Golf Club

Sunday 1st October Trent Cuttlebrook

Saturday 7th October Canal Woodyard

Saturday 21st October Trent Cuttlebrook

Sunday 22nd October Canal Woodyard

Sunday 17th December Canal Stretton

Junior Training (10am to 4pm)

Saturday 22nd July Kingstanding

Saturday 19th August Trent and Mersey Canal - Stretton

Saturday 16th September Kingstanding

Manor Park Sailing Club


Reference should be made to Manor Park Sailing Club website (Manor Park Sailing Club)

for dates of all events. Use Google - Manor Park Sailing Club.

Manor Park Scouts Events

There are two events planned. The weekend of 1st and 2nd July and Sunday 17th September.

Areas around pegs 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 are to be used. Signs will be erected in




New carpark - River Dove at Hatton

We have organised a new carpark at Hatton for anglers fishing on the River Dove.

This carpark is located along the track which runs parellel to the railway from off Old Marston Lane. Follow the track to the carpark, please do NOT drive or park anywhere else other than in the carpark.