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Oddstone's bank repairs - River breach

Hanson's have now undertaken the repair work to the breach that had allowed water from the River Trent to flow into Oddstones.

Because of the breach being sealed the water level has immediately dropped by approximately two feet on Oddstones.

The banks are obviously very muddy/slippy - please take extreme care if you choose to fish here over the next few weeks.

The water is open, and we are informed that works to add concrete pipes to control the water flowing between the lakes, along with bankside repairs, will be undertaken soon.

We will advise once we receive any more news.



Willington - River Trent - Access

Willington - Please do not ignore signage advising that vehicular access is not allowed to the waters edge. This is due to the wetness of the access to the fishery (we have had issues with several cars getting stuck). Members continuing to drive to swims could result in the loss of this fishery, please obey the signage - its there for a reason!



Coton Pool, Hanson's - Walton - Carpark.

Coton carpark is now open. Members can use it immediately. Banks have been strimmed but not all swims are fishable as the lake has got a bit overgrown. Please do NOT undertake any tree/bushes removal without authorisation from a club official.
Roy Sutton



Catton Hall - River Trent - NO NIGHT FISHING

We have been advised that the land owner for Catton Hall is not prepared to allow fishing at night or into darkness.

Members will be required to be leaving the estate a maximum of ONE HOUR AFTER SUNSET equally members cannot enter the estate earlier than ONE HOUR PRIOR TO SUNSET.

We will be erecting signs to this effect as soon as we can.

In the meantime, please comply with this ruling from immediate effect.

This ruling does NOT apply for other BMAA stretches of the River Trent.


Waters Booked list - 2017/18

Waters Booked List For Season 2017 - 2018

Sunday 5th November Trent - Cuttle Brook

Sunday 17th December Canal Stretton

Junior Training (10am to 4pm)


Manor Park Sailing Club


Reference should be made to Manor Park Sailing Club website (Manor Park Sailing Club)

For dates of all events. Use Google - Manor Park Sailing Club.

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